CA Articleship stipend Doubled!

CA Articleship stipend Doubled:

articleship stipend


In a latest move to serve the explanation for CA students, ICAI inflated the stipend rates. The wait of thousandsof CA student came to its finish as ICAI finally inflated stipend rates of CA articleship to double and its applicable from twenty third January 2015 itself.

CA Articleship is obligatory three years coaching which each CA students need to endure for changing into a CA. there’s ton of confusion within the article assistant regarding CA Articleship stipend rates. So, here i’m posting the present CA articleship stipend rates applicable in Bharat. you’d have knowing that stipend quantity varies as per town population. there’s a typical grievance in article assistant that stipend quantity is incredibly low, therefore ICAI president had same in one convocation that Articleship stipend are going to be inflated by two.5 to three Times last year, and currently its applicable. we tend to powerfully counseled that CA Articleship stipend should be inflated as a result of the present stipend rate is way lower (may be compatible to earnings of Sweeper, if i’m not wrong, what you say??). Check the a lot of details regarding CA Articleship stipend below.

Doubled Rate of CA Articleship Stipend

The current increased CA Articleship stipend rates are given in below table:

Classification of the normal place of service of the articled assistant During the first year of training During the second year of training During the remaining period of training
(1) (2) (3) (4)
(i) Cities/towns having a population of twenty lakhs and above Rs.2000/- Rs.2500/- Rs.3000/-
(ii) Cities/towns having a population of four lakhs and above but less than twenty lakhs Rs.1500/- Rs.2000/- Rs.2500/-
(iii)Cities/towns having a population of less than four lakhs Rs.1000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.2000/


Every principal engaging an articled assistant , beneath Regulation forty three shall pay each month to such assistant a monthly stipend at the rates laid out in the table above.

Explanation one – For the aim of this regulation, no stipend shall be collectable for any excess leave taken.

Explanation 2-For the aim of determinative the rates at that stipend is collectable beneath this regulation, amount|the amount} of articled coaching of the student beneath any previous principal or principals  shall even be taken under consideration.

Explanation 3- For the aim of this regulation, the figures of population shall be taken as per the last printed Census Report of Republic of India.

(2) The stipend beneath this regulation shall be paid by the principal to the articled assistant either (a) by a crossed account recipient cheque each month against a sealed receipt to be obtained from the articled assistant; or (b) by depositing the quantity each month in AN account opened by the articled assistant in his own name with a branch of the bank to be given by the principal. For additional details browse ICAI Website.

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