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Articleship Transfer – Want to take a Transfer? Read THIS!

Articleship Transfer – Everything you need to know about it!

We all come across this feeling atleast once during our Articleship period, Should I take an Articleship Transfer or Not?

Before Articleship Transfer – I just can’t take this pressure anymore, my boss hates me, he makes me do the stupid stuff and provides others with the cream work, he makes me stay up late at work, I’ve started missing my Coaching lectures due to this, etc, etc!
We all come across these emotions during our 3 Year Articleship Tenure ! Now that you’ve decided to take a Transfer, you’re already winning….


Committing on taking a Transfer during your Articleship is one of the most boldest and strongest decisions that you’ve ever taken!

First of all, your Principal must be willing to offer you a transfer from their Firm. If NOT (You know what to do)!
Try to convince your boss about your situation and why you want to take a transfer. (REMEMBER: Never say “The Other Firm has these clients, or this kind of work and soo on”)

  • Be Honest and voice your opinion and concerns.
  • Don’t be Rude, this only kills your chances of getting out!
  • Continue to do some good work for your CA Firm and follow up for transfer 😛
  • Help them get Articles via LetsArticle! , atleast they would get a replacement! 😀

Positives of Taking a Transfer:

  1. This would ensure you a freedom from your current misery, but be careful while selecting the new CA Firm.
  2. You would get to learn a tonne of new stuffs everyday which you weren’t able to, at your current CA Firm.
  3. You will get more confidence to take bold decisions in life.
  4. You can specialise on the things that you’d like to.
  5. New Place, New FRIENDS (and Of-course New BOSS :D)
  6. Articleship Transfer would enable you to see different aspects and new fields within your profession.
  7. You won’t regret the decision of staying back and facing the same misery everyday.
  8. You will surely make good contacts in the course of taking Articleship Transfer which would help you in the later stages of your career!

Earlier students used to get scared by the thought of taking transfers as they thought they would not get a good CA Firm, now that LetsArticle! is with you, No Worries! Search Top CA Firms from across the nation and apply to the vacancies and seize your opportunity at the best CA Firms in India!

Now that you’d made your mind, check out these simple Articleship Transfer rules here.

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Articleship Transfer

Articleship Transfer

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